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*Request for a fair judgement in the Fukushima Evacuees Trialin Kyoto

o No.7 Civil Division of Kyoto District Court

On the 11th of March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accident spreadradioactive contamination widely over the east of Japan, not just Fukushima. Thenational law in Japan says that the dose limit for radiation for the public is1mSv/year. But in Fukushima 20mSv/year is allowed for the victims of the nucleardisaster. This double standard shouldn't happen in a constitutional state.

Evacuees had to tear themselves away from their hometown. For the people whodecided to stay, children and adults lost their stability in life, and their hopes for thefuture are ruined. In particular they wanted to protect children's lives and health.

Whether they stayed or not, they are all victims. They have been exposed toinvisible radiation.

6 years have passed since the disaster, the level of radiation in the air hasdecreased in some places, but generally there is still high contamination. Caesium137 from the nuclear accident has a half-life of thirty years. Most of the plaintiffslived in the 'radiation controlled area' which is over 40,000Bq/m2, so the evacuationneeds to continue.

Nuclear disaster creates an enormous amount of pollution, and sever damage iscontinuing widely. The plaintiffs sued the Japanese government and TEPCO(Tokyo Electric Power Company) in order to make their responsibility clear, in thehope this kind of disaster will never happen again, and to get proper compensation.

I hope your court will recognise the plaintiffs' lives and the facts of the nucleardisaster, and listen to their poignant appeals. I strongly request a fair judgementwhich acknowledges the evacuees' human rights.

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